Cornering Skills Classes

Taichung 台中

When people find out you ride a motorcycle, have you heard them say, “Motorcycles are dangerous”? Most of us have and that’s because people do get hurt on motorcycles. Unpredictable traffic, riders traveling too fast, gravel or sand in the road are just a few of the dangers we encounter on a regular basis. MSF Courses are designed to make you a safer and better rider.


Where you look and what you see is the first line of defense out there on the road. MSF teaches you how to train your vision first and your body naturally follows.


Understanding the theory behind how brakes stop a motorcycle and then practicing to find the limits of your bike in a controlled environment will make you safer and faster. You can only go as fast as you can stop safely.

Corner Control

People obsess over lean angle, but being in control of your bike in the turn is the most important aspect of cornering and lean angle naturally follows. What line to take through the turn? How do you control the bike in the turn? What is countersteering and do I need to do it? These skills are taught at Moto Skills Factory.

Suspension Tuning

Suspension tuning is considered a black art. Our instructor holds an Advanced Suspension Tuning certification from Ohlins. In the advanced courses, we teach how to set up your suspension for your weight. Once you understand preload, compression, and rebound and how those affect the handling, you will be able to tune your suspension for your riding style and conditions.

Correct Practice with Feedback Makes Perfect

At MSF Moto Skills Factory, we believe that you learn best through hands-on practice. You must have your own motorcycle. We do not rent bikes and do not accept scooters. Bring your own bike and practice, practice, practice in our courses and improve your riding.

Location 訓練地點:Taichung 台中

Pricing 價格

1 Course: A full day of instruction and practice

3000 NT$

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