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International skills and expertise provided in Chinese language instruction!

What is MSF?

Do you want to get the most out of your motorcycle and be safer on and off-road? Select one of our courses that fit your riding style and improve your riding. 

Sascha Fenster

Sascha Fenster has dedicated his life to growth. Even with a background in supersport and supermoto racing in Germany and Taiwan, he continues to improve his skills by attending advanced instructor level courses in Germany. He brings his unique expertise back to Taiwan and offers courses in Chinese, English, and German.

ADV Training


MSF ADV Training is designed to help you get the most out of your big bike off-road and enjoy the experience instead of struggling and possibly hurting yourself or your bike. Level 1 focuses on basic body position and balance skills, Level 2 takes balance, turning, accelerating, hill climbs, and braking to the next level.

Cornering Skills Training

Basic Safety and Cornering is a 2 part course which focuses on improving riders skills on the road. Road riding is dangerous with lots of obstacles. These courses teach you how to use your vision, braking, and cornering skills to make you a safer and faster rider on the road. 

Adventure Tours and Rides

Do you want the thrill and excitement of challenging yourself off-road? Venture off the beaten path and let us guide you to places you didn’t know existed in Taiwan. The routes are scouted beforehand and experienced guides are on-hand to help you get home.

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