Adventure Rider Training

Level 1 第一階段

Level 1 focuses on the basic skills required to ride a 200-300 kg adventure bike off-road. Body position, braking on loose surfaces, accelerating, and low speed cornering.

Level 2 第二階段

Level 2 will help your braking, turning, accelerating and balance skills with more technical and challenging terrain. Your confidence and safety will be taken to a whole new level. 

Level 3 第三階段

Level 3 is for experienced riders who have proper off-road tires. It focuses on exciting skills that 90% of off-road riders don’t possess; wheelies, large obstacles, sliding and drifting, and much more.



Sand Training

Sand is one of the most intimidating aspects of off-road riding for big adventure bikes. MSF’s special sand training will teach you the secrets to unlock your potential and, chances are, you’ll love sand after that.

One-on-One and Small Group training

One-on-One Training is an individual training in which a custom training will be created, just for that particular rider, tailored for his or her skill level. The rider’s goals shape the content of the course and the training plan will consist of training steps to reach those goals. This is the most effective due to 100% focus of the instructor to one student rider.

Small Group training is for 2-3 riders with similar benefits of custom training to meet their goals.


Do you rent or provide a motorcycle?

We do not rent motorcycles at this point.

What kind of motorcycle do I need?

You need an off-road capable bike for Adventure Training. It should have a 21 or 19 inch front wheel and enough ground clearance that it doesn’t take damage on uneven terrain. In limited cases, a 17 inch front wheel is allow such as a supermoto (WR450f on 17s, CPI SM250, DRZ400SM), but in most cases, bikes with a 17 inch front wheel are not suitable. You may not bring a naked bike (MT03, MT07, ER-6N, etc) or a sport bike. This is for your own safety and the safety of your bike. Not only will those bikes not perform correctly, they’re likely to break if taken off-road.

Where do the trainings take place?

MSF Off-road training center in Taichung.

How much does it cost?


7000 NT per regular course

1500 training review

9500 NT for Small group trainings (2-3 riders)

11000 NT for One-on-one trainings

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