ADV Cross


Next ADV Cross Event!

November 20, 2022. The next ADV Cross Event will be bigger than ever. Don’t miss out!

What is ADV Cross?

ADV Cross is a competition event for adventure bike riders that’s focused on the skills expert ADV riders use to stay safe and ride hard trails.

Bikes are divided into classes based on rider skills and bike types.
2 Courses: Challenging for the Veterans Class, Regular for all others.
Unique and creative challenges keep people on their toes.
The best part is we’re out here to have fun and support each other.


Classes: Rookies, ADV Queens, Harley Davidson Dirt Rockers, Veterans Class

Cost: 2500 NT$ per person for 1 class, 4000 NT$ for two classes for 1 person.

  • Contestants in the ADV Queens or HD Dirt Rockers may sign up for the Veteran Class and compete twice, but those in the Rookies class may only compete once.

What’s included?

Entry to Compete in 1 class (or 2 for 4000)
Prizes for top 3 in each class
Packet of ADV Cross Masks

Safety Requirements

  • DOT/ECE legal full-face helmet
  • Protective gear: riding jacket, pants, gloves, boots
  • Smartphone Holder on bars for navigation
  • Motorcycle in safe riding condition: brakes, tires, etc.

Harley Davidson riders signing up for the HD Dirt Rockers class must inform the Harley Davidson dealership.

How to Sign Up

  1. Fill in the form below or contact us on Facebook
  2. Wire Transfer the Fee